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Re: [Linux-cluster] logging from the resource agent script

brem belguebli <brem belguebli gmail com> wrote:
> You need to add an entry for rgmanager in /etc/syslog.conf
> local4.*                /var/log/rgmanager
> and instruct rgmanager to use the above facility (local4) in
> /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
>  <rm log_facility="local4" log_level="7">

Thanks!  I actually already have log_level="6" in my <rm> tag,
but I didn't change the default log_facility from daemon so I
have rgmanager logging to /var/log/messages along with everything
else, for now.  I may change it later.

However, this is not the solution to the problem I'm having.

Like I said, I had already done this.  I understand that if I want to
see debug level messages I have to set the level to 7, and I've done
that a few times (and did indeed get a lot of extra debug level
messages when I did), but my ocf_log statements are all at info or
notice, so 6 should be sufficient.

Nevertheless, they don't work, in the ways I described in my earlier
  -- Cos

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