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Re: [Linux-cluster] question about number of fencing devices needed for a two node cluster

On 12/06/2010 04:11 PM, Alvaro Jose Fernandez wrote:

I would like to know about wheter it would suffice for a two-node RHCS
cluster a single power switch (APC 7921) fencing device. The power
switch has 8 power outlets and I intend to use four of them for each
node's dual power supplies.

I know it would be desirable to have two devices for a fully redundant
configuration, but after reading some examples from the docs (they are
meant for two power switch), I still cannot understand why a single
power switch connected to both servers and the switch taking power from
the UPS, would not be a good configuration. There is a single UPS in the

┬┐any experiences over this issue?



That is sufficient. The only concern is that the PDU doesn't verify node death, so success is returned when the power is cut. This requires a little extra testing to make sure that your config is accurate. Once setup, use 'fence_node <name>' against either node and ensure that they really do go down.

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