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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS on AOE

Hello Jacky,

Am Dienstag, den 07.12.2010, 15:48 +0800 schrieb Jacky Lam:
> Dear all,
>      I am new to GFS. I search through web but could not get a
> definite answer.
>      I have 2 pc (A and B) connecting by Ethernet. 1 harddisk is
> attaching on A and sharing through ATA over Ethernet. Is it possible
> for B to access hardisk using GFS over AOE? Any know issue (like
> caching). I suppose A must need to access the harddisk through GFS as
> well, am I correct?

Should work without problems.

My test-clusters are using this setup and i faced no problems even under
bonnie++ load...

I use ggaoed because other target-creators didn't allowed (i last
checked this over a year ago) access to the same target over lo and eth

I can give more details (eg. configs) if you need them.

>      If any, is there comparison between GFS (on AOE?) and NFS on
> throughput and CPU loading?
>      Thanks a lot.

GFS as blockdevice filesystem and NFS as network protocol can't be
compared easily...

An NFS-share is hosted on some random (even GFS is possible) blockdevice
filesystem hidden behind the protocol of the NFS-server. So this
NFS-servers architecture plays a huge role in such a comparison of

> Best Regards,
> Jacky


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