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Re: [Linux-cluster] rgmanager gets stuck on shutdown, if no services are running on its node.


On 12/08/2010 04:11 AM, Jankowski, Chris wrote:
> Hi,
> I configured a cluster of 2 RHEL6 nodes. 
> The cluster has only one HA service defined.
> I have a problem with rgmanager getting stuck on shutdown when certain
> set of conditions are met.  The details follow.
> 1.
> If I execute “shutdown –h now” on the node that is **not** running the
> HA service then the shutdown process gets stuck with the last message in
> the /var/log/messages being:
> ‘date’ my_node_name  rgmanager[PID#]: Shutting down
> The shutdown never completes, until I send terminate signal to the two
> instances of the rgmanager process. Then shutdown completes normally.
> 2.
> By comparison, if I execute “shutdown –h now” on a node that **is**
> running the HA service, then shutdown proceeds normally.
> 3.
> The problem walks with the absence of the service i.e. each of the two
> nodes has the problem when the service is **not** running on it and does
> not have the problem when the service **is** running on it.
> 4.
> I have set the following debug level in the cluster.conf:
> <logging>
>         <logging_daemon debug=”on” name=”rgmanager”/>
> </logging>

Try also:
<logging debug="on"/>

and collect logs from all daemons. The rgmanager being stuck could be
only a consequence of something else being blocked and not necessarily
the root cause of the problem.

> But I am not getting any additional messages when the rgmanager is stuck
> during shutdown.
> Questions:
> Is this a known problem?

No, can you please follow the standard procedure and report the issue
through support? or file at least a bugzilla?

> How can I avoid it short of having some dummy service running on each
> node, as a workaround?

Send us all debugging logs and cluster.conf so we can actually fix the
problem asap.


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