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Re: [Linux-cluster] To SELinux or not to SELinux ?


I have used selinux enforcing since RHEL 5.4 on a 3-node RHCS cluster.   I believe it has been supported since that release.   I made some calls back in RHEL 5.3 regarding some issues, but all problems that I experienced have been resolved.   I got plenty of support for my issues.

According to Dan Walsh, performance was addressed early on.   I have not had any performance issues using selinux in RHEL 5, RHCS included.


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>> So, for a cluster, using fencing, gfs, and all the needed tools to
>> run
> a cluster, is there
>> any reason not to use selinux ? I am looking to see if cluster
> operator use or do not
>> use selinux...
> Beware that "permissive" mode, far from being benign, can be as
> expensive as having SELinux enabled. See
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-cluster redhat com/msg08317.html for
> some details on GFS and extended attributes.

Oh... I didn't tought of performance influence... That alone is enough
to keep it off completly. We will be hosting a high-volume site where
every millisecond counts. That site is composed of about a million files
of different sorts. So, any added delay in accessing a file is not an

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