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Re: [Linux-cluster] [Openais] packet dissectors for totempg, cman, clvmd, rgmanager, cpg,


Thank you :-)


On 14/12/10 12:02, Masatake YAMATO wrote:

The patch for wireshark is not merged yet. Reviewing is very slow or
the patch may be rejected implicitly.

So I decide to provide my dissector as a dyanamic loadable plugin. It
can be built on Fedora-14 with wireshark-devel package.

You, working on RHEL6, may not be interested in ccsd.


I will maintain this source tree. Forking are welcome.

I'd like to make it a rpm package and be available as a part of
Fedora. But I cannot find enough time to be a package maintainer

Masatake YAMATO

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