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Re: [Linux-cluster] [Openais] packet dissectors for totempg, cman, clvmd, rgmanager, cpg,

I'm pretty sure that biggest problem of your code was that it was licensed under BSD (three clause, same as Corosync has) license. Wireshark is licensed under GPL and even I like BSD licenses much more, I would recommend you to try to relicense code under GPL and send them this code.


Masatake YAMATO napsal(a):

The patch for wireshark is not merged yet. Reviewing is very slow or
the patch may be rejected implicitly.

So I decide to provide my dissector as a dyanamic loadable plugin. It
can be built on Fedora-14 with wireshark-devel package.

You, working on RHEL6, may not be interested in ccsd.


I will maintain this source tree. Forking are welcome.

I'd like to make it a rpm package and be available as a part of
Fedora. But I cannot find enough time to be a package maintainer now.

Masatake YAMATO
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