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Re: [Linux-cluster] question about network config for fencing

Some notes on management board style fence devices can be found here:


Here is a DOC with an example iLO config:


It is also recommended that you have your fence devices on the same network as your cluster heartbeat.  I have heard an explanation on this at some point as to why this is but I can't remember 100%.  I'm sure that you could find it if you dug around on past posts to this list though.  Hopes this helps.


----- Original Message -----
> hi,
> i've config'ed my DL 380 G6 four ethernet ports so that they are
> bonded
> to "bond0", and my ILO devices are on the fence switch (separate
> switch).
> i'm 99.9% sure this is wrong.
> i'm thinking that eth0-2 and the ILO2 port should be on the same
> subnet,
> and eth3 on a separate subnet (for the multicast fencing). that way i
> have fencing on a non-ILO2 ethernet port, and the ILO2 is accessible
> from my main subnet.
> could someone please share with me their network config for an HP
> ILO-based server with four ports? i'd really appreciate it!
> thanks
> yvette
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