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Re: [Linux-cluster] IP Resource behavior with Red Hat Cluster

On 12/24/2010 09:41 AM, Parvez Shaikh wrote:
> Hi Rajagopal,
> Thank you for your response
> I have created a cluster configuration by adding IP resource with
> value (some value) and created a service which just has
> IP resource part of it. I have set all requisite configuration such
> two node, node names, failover,fencing etc.
> Upon trying to start then service(enable service),it failed -
> clurgmgrd: [31853]: <debug> is not configured
> Then manually added this IP to host
> ifconfig eth0:1
> Then service could start but it gave message -
> clurgmgrd: [31853]: <debug> already configured
> So do I have to add virtual interface manually (as above or any other
> method?) before I could start service with IP resource under it?

How is your network configured? For an IP address to work in a cluster,
you have to have interfaces on both machines set up, which are in the
same subnet. For example:

node1 # ifconfig eth0 netmask
node2 # ifconfig eth0 netmask

Then and only then will cluster be able to bring up virtual ip address
and bind it as secondary on this interface. You can then see it with:

# ip addr show

I guess you're trying to bring up IP address from network subnet that is
not in any way set up on your host. And that is a prerequisite with
classic IP resource.

Jakov Sosic

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