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Re: [Linux-cluster] Multiple communication channels

Title: [Linux-cluster] Multiple communication channels
AFAIK, Multi-interface heartbeat is something that was only recently added to RHCS (earlier this year, if I recall correctly).
Until then, the failover part was usually achieved by using a bonded interface as heartbeat interface.
If possible, I would suggest using 2 (connected) Multicast switches and running a bond from each server to each switch.
Or 2 regular switches and broadcast heartbeat (switches only connected to eachother)
Otherwise, using an active-active bond (channel?) with 2 crossover cables might also work, but offers less protection against interface failures.

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] Multiple communication channels

Hi all,

I am running RHCS 5 and have a two node cluster with a shared qdisk. I have a bonded network bond0 and a back to back crossover eth1.

Currently I have multicast cluster communication over the crossover, but was wondering if it was possible to use bond0 as an alternative / failover. So if eth1 was down, it could still communicate?

I havent been able to find anything in the FAQ / documentation that would suggest this, so I thought I would ask.

Thanks alot and I hope everyone has a great new year :)


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