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Re: [Linux-cluster] [clvm] Volume group for uuid not found

On 01/02/10 14:52, AlannY wrote:
Hi there. I'm trying to set up HA-Cluster on Fedora with Red Had Cluster Suite.
I've already set up cman and it works.

Now, I want to create shared strorage with clvm+gfs2. I've install lvm2-cluster. Made
lvmconf --enable-cluster. And now:

I have 2 nodes, clvmd started:

on 1st node I've done:

     %# pvcreate /dev/sdb1

on 2nd node I've done:

     %# pvcreate /dev/sdb1

As you may see, there are /dev/sdb1 device, but it's not the same machine - it's 2 different devices.

Is it really two different devices ? If so then clvmd will not work. It needs the same view of storage on all systems. Not necessarily the same names, but definitely the same actual storage.


on 1st node I've done:

     %# vgcreate shared /dev/sdb1

"shared" is a name for volume group.

In current step, I'm now created volume group on 2nd node.

on 1st node I've executed:

     %# lvcreate -l 254 -n shared shared

But, it failed with error:

     Error locking on node<2nd node name>: Volume group for uuid not found: QgSZ5Y8KWOxxbxYdk4Y0eOoJh8GwP1hv9GTrlwNycTk7xWBejIp0suFANorVEuKS
     Aborting. Failed to activate new LV to wipe the start of it.

Then, I've created volume group "shared" on 2nd node:

     %# vgcreate shared /dev/sdb1

And then on 1st node, I've executed lvcreate once more, but have the same error.

What am I doing wrong? I'm really newbie in clvm, but expierenced user of plain lvm, so, I have questions.

My vgdisplay of 1st node:

     %# vgdisplay
     --- Volume group ---
     VG Name               shared
     System ID
     Format                lvm2
     Metadata Areas        1
     Metadata Sequence No  27
     VG Access             read/write
     VG Status             resizable
     Clustered             yes
     Shared                no
     MAX LV                0
     Cur LV                0
     Open LV               0
     Max PV                0
     Cur PV                1
     Act PV                1
     VG Size               1016.00 MB
     PE Size               4.00 MB
     Total PE              254
     Alloc PE / Size       0 / 0
     Free  PE / Size       254 / 1016.00 MB
     VG UUID               QgSZ5Y-8KWO-xxbx-Ydk4-Y0eO-oJh8-GwP1hv

On second node, there are either no volume groups or one named shared with just different VG UUID.

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