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[Linux-cluster] clvmd init script

I am running a 2 node cluster on CentOS 5.4.

Until yesterday I had always started the cluster services manually (service cman start, service clvmd start ...) and already noticed that service clvmd start never finishes - so I used "service clvmd start &" to get a working shell back.

Yesterday I tried autostarting the cluster services (just cman, clvmd, gfs; no rgmanager yet) with system boot up, and now clvmd is stuck the same. I did not look into the order of init scripts before; since clvmd is started long before sshd, I now cannot log in, neither remote nor local. I had started up both nodes for this test, the other one without autostarting the services, so I can log into this and check for cluster sanity.

group_tool ls looks like this:
[root pclus1cent5-01 ~]# group_tool ls
type level name id state fence 0 default 00010002 none [1 2] dlm 1 clvmd 00020002 none [1 2] dlm 1 XenImages 00020001 none [1] dlm 1 XenConfigs 00040001 none [1] dlm 1 rgmanager 00050001 none [1] gfs 2 XenImages 00010001 none [1] gfs 2 XenConfigs 00030001 none [1]
XenConfigs and XenImages are GFS volumes - looks like they are mounted on both nodes, but clvmd only runs on one (which is weird since the GFS volumes are set up on clustered LVs). Or do I misinterpret the output?

Now the question is:
Can I determine from the working node what the problem on the stuck node is? Can I force clvmd to finish or give up?

And do I have to do/can I do something to the clvmd init script to make it work as expected?


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