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Re: [Linux-cluster] Active Active Cluster

Muhammad Ammad Shah wrote:


Is it possible to setup Active/Active cluster using two nodes, (i want to test this on MySQL and Oracle 11G). or it requires some other software?

Not sure how Oracle handles this use-case, but with MySQL you have three options:

1) Master-Master replication
Pros: Mature, fast.
Cons: There is an inherent race condition since the replication is asynchronous. You'll have to thing about your application and see whether that makes it an acceptable solution.

2) Shared data
Pros: Relatively straightforward to set up, just point your database path to a shared GFS mount point and set locking type to external
Cons: Extremely slow if it's not a read-mostly database

3) MySQL Cluster
Pros: Faster than 2)
Cons: While it's running all data has to be in RAM, which limits the size of the databases. Still slower than 1).

You can then only use RHCS to fail over IPs around.


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