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Re: [Linux-cluster] non-RH/Suse systems?


There have been problems with old bugs in the rgmanager packages in
Debian-based distributions that have prevented service failovers from
completing cleanly.

The fixes were recently pushed into the latest Lenny minor release.

It is quite likely that Ubuntu packages have inherited these bugs.


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i have three ubuntu 9.04 boxes i'd like to cluster.

one is running on a DL380 G6 so i have ILO2 on that box.

the other two boxes would need to be upgraded to hardware that has 
fencing.  as i'm pretty happy with the DL380 G6 i'd upgrade those two 
boxes to G6's, but before we spend that cost, we'd like to know if we 
can cluster ubuntu.

anyone using ubuntu?  if so, problems?

thanks for the info and your time.
yvette hirth

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