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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and Cluster

Mounting a GFS filesystem on two or more nodes concurrently requires that you have a lock manager in place.  The cluster suite provides DLM for this, which absolutely requires an operational cluster.


(You can mount GFS on a single node with no cluster, but that's not a very interesting way to use GFS.)


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I have a hypothetical question. Will GFS work without the cluster software active? Here is what I would like to do.


I have a two node nfs cluster. Currently the cluster is set up as active standby. What I propose is to shutdown the cluster software leaving GFS in place. Have both nodes NFS out /datadir. Put the virtual ip on an f5 load balancer and have NFS load balanced between the two nodes.  This will allow me to leverage both servers instead of leaving one idle.


Is this possible to accomplish. My understanding is that gfs is used to allow two nodes access to one file system whether they are running cluster software or not.

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