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Re: [Linux-cluster] Distributed Storage in Cluster Suite

Gordan Bobic wrote:

I use it in active-active mode with GFS. In that case I just use the fencing agent in DRBD's "stonith" configuration so that when disconnection occurs, the failed node gets fenced.

can you use FCP with active-active? we bought a bunch of FCP stuff (4gbps and 8gbps HBA's and an 8gbps switch) but not the CNA's needed for iSCSI. and active-active sounds like "the ticket". while we do have a few 10GBe's and are awaiting a switch, i hate to waste all that FCP stuff.

originally the plan was to move block-stored data through FCP and NFS through the 10GBe's.

if we go with this plan, can we use active-active? and if so, will our bandwidth improve?

sorry i'm such a n00b on clusters but they're a lot different than clustered mainframes for this aging z/OS assembler programmer!


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