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[Linux-cluster] R: Rename scsi devices

Thanks a lot for your answer!


Can you post some example for doing this?


My problem is that I have to refer to a right device in my VM configuration for xen:


disk = [‘phy:/dev/sdj,xvda,w’]


for live migration purposes the reference to disk must be the same in all the physical hosts, so I must be shore that sdj points to the right ISCSI LUN.


Thanks for any help!



Francesco Gallo


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Inviato: venerdì 8 gennaio 2010 16:22
A: linux clustering
Oggetto: Re: [Linux-cluster] Rename scsi devices


You could use a udev rule to symlink it to a new device name

On Jan 8, 2010 7:07 AM, <cluster xinet it> wrote:

Hi all,


do someone know how i could rename an iscsi device from


/dev/sde to /dev/sdg?


I mean, I have an iscsi device from a storage with address 7:0:0:12 and I see it in one host with the name /dev/sde while in the second host i see it with name /dev/sdg.


I need to rename due to virtualization purposes.


Can someone help me?


Thanks all,

Francesco Gallo

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