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Re: [Linux-cluster] clusvcadm -M for VM inside service container

Okay, I should have tested myself before asking.

It is as suspected below:
A <vm> defined inside a <service> definition can not be migrated live. It can be relocated, but that implies stopping and starting. A <vm> defined "on it's own" can be migrated live (that is using clusvcadm -M).

I would have preferred to bundle up several vms to an entity that can be started, stopped and live migrated as one. That seems to be impossible, then.

Is that correct or do I overlook something?


Dirk H. Schulz schrieb:
Hi folks,

I am new to this list and hope this has not been asked too often, but I did not find many posts on this problem on the web, and none with a solution.

I am running a cluster on CentOS 5.4 with VMs as services, defined like this: <service autostart="1" exclusive="0" domain="VirtMach02" name="S-MasseCent5-20" recovery="relocate" hardrecovery="0" max_restarts="5"> <vm name="MasseCent5-20" path="/etc/xen/config-san" migrate="live" use_virsh="0" hypervisor="xen" migration_mapping="...,..."/>

When I do a live migration using xm it works like a charm.
When I do a live migration using "clusvcadm -M S-MasseCent5-20 -m /targnode/" I get the following error:
Trying to migrate service:S-MasseCent5-20 to targnode...Invalid operation for resource
Since clusvcadm -M is restricted to be used with VMs only, I suspect that it does not work for VMs defined inside <service> containers, just for "naked" <vm> definitions.
Is that correct? Or is there some other reason?

Any hint or help is appreciated.


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