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Re: [Linux-cluster] encing with iRMC (integrated Remote, > Management Controller ) on fujitsu primergy server

> has any one configured a RedHat cluster on a Fujitsu Primergi
> (rx300S5) with it's iRMC (integrated Remote Management Controller ) as
> a fencing device?

> The documentation says that Fujitsu RSB can be used as a fencing
> device. Is the iRMC a newer version of a RSB and can be configured as
> a fencing device?
Yes, the iRMC talks most protocols you need, at least it talk IPMI.
Configure a user for fencing in the iRMC with the following rights:

LAN Privilege:  OEM

the following fence device should work (with the user and password from above
action of course).

<fencedevice action="reboot" agent="fence_ipmilan" lanplus="1" auth="password"
login="somelogin" name="ipmi" passwd="somepassword"/>

To be complete, you should also install net-snmp and the Serverview Management
Agents on the host(s), then the iRMC will know more about you're system, and
will detect ECC's or other errors correctly.


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