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[Linux-cluster] fence_ilo


I have a 2 node cluster (xen1 and xen2) running on dl380 G3’s. There are 2 virtual machines running on these. From first node from the shell command line I can fence the 2nd  node through the hp lights out port using /sbin/fence_ilo –a –l aking –p password –v. I can also do the same from the second node and successfully fence the first node. When I fence the node that has control of one or more virtual machines they are migrated to the other node.

If I fence a node in Luci this works too.

However, if I have a node running one or more virtual machines and run /sbin/reboot –f on that node, in /var/log/messages in the other node I get messages such as

xen1 fenced[3126]: agent "fence_ilo" reports: Unable to connect/login to fencing device

xen1 fenced[3126]: fence "" failed


Can anyone advise why this is happening?



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