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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVMD hangs

Hi all,

same problem for me: today after a reboot of a cluster node, clvmd could not start properly anymore since pvscan hangs.

If I try to start vgscan on the other node it hangs too!! If I 'strace' on pvscan I can see it stops while reading...

It's a cluster of two nodes, with quorum disk (two_node="0"), offering several VMs installed on raw partitions in a CLVM environment.

It's running version 5.4, x86_64 , with the following packages:



Any suggestion on what can I check/change/install? I don't have any idea on what happened...


Christine Caulfield wrote:
On 15/01/10 07:25, cluster xinet it wrote:
Hi all,

i use redhat cluster my os version is 5.4. I have a three-node cluster
and clustered VG (XenVG) with many LV (one for each VM). After a cluster
reboot I’m not able to restart clvmd anymore due to vgscan hangs.

Is there a way to convert the clustered VG to a non-clustered one? I
tried changing the locking_typ parameter from 3 to 1 but it wasn’t the
right solution.

You can remove the cluster flag from a VG with the following command

vgchange -cn <vg> --config 'global {locking_type = 0}'

If you're amenable it would be helpful to try and debug this. Can you add


to the file /etc/sysconfig/cluster

and post the clvmd parts of system to me please.



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