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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS resource

Paras pradhan schrieb:

I have a 3 nodes cluster with shared GFS2 partition connected through SAN. This is Xen virtualization cluster and fencing is working properly. So when there is a problem in any nodes, the node is being fenced and other nodes are working properly. Now my question is do I need to add a GFS resource in this cluster. If yes why?
I am thinking about the same question. I guess it depends if you have CLVM "below" your GFS2 partitions. If yes, clvmd must be running before the GFS2 partitions can be mounted (you cannot mount them via fstab at system startup then), which means that you have to have them defined as resource to get the dependency configured.

If you have setup GFS2 directly on the SAN LUNs I cannot say from experience, but from my understanding it's the same situation, since GFS uses dlm for locking (but wasn't there an option to use something else?).

In my personal opinion (that is why I am thinking about it in the first place) it is a question of clear design. If you have EVERYTHING your cluster services need defined as a resource you have a straightforward design that
- is easily understood
- is easily documented
- is easily remembered over some years
and all that leads to much easier and less error prone handling in emergency situations.




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