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[Linux-cluster] gfs and cluster nodes rebooting


I have configured two node cluster and its working fine for SAN (ext3 file system). after this i configured GFS using following.

root# pvcreate /dev/sdb
root#vgcreate -c y vg1_gfs /dev/sdc1
root#lvcreate -n db_store -l 100%FREE vg1_gfs
root#/etc/init.d/clvmd start

Started on both nodes.

root#mkfs -t gfs2 -p lock_dlm -t db_clust:db_store -j 4 /dev/vg1_gfs/db_store
root# service gfs start

root#chkconfig --level 345 clvmd on
root#chkconfig --level 345 gfs on

the problem is, as i changed File system (ex3) resource to GFS Resource.

nodes are rebooting..

there is nothing in /var/log/messages. but when i checked console of the node there was some message related to GFS.
DLM id:0 ...

so i removed GFS and switched back to File system(ext3) resource.

can i install oracle on Resource File system(ext3) ?

or how to troubleshoot GFS reboot..

need help,

Muhammad Ammad Shah

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