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[Linux-cluster] DRBD with GFS applicable for this scenario?

Hi List,

We have 2 geographically distant sites located approximately 35km
apart with dark fiber connectivity available between them. Mail01 and
SAN1 is placed at site A while Mail02 and SAN2 is at site B. Our
requirement is to have the mail servers in a cluster configuration in
an active/active mode. To cater for the loss of connectivity or losing
a SAN itself, I have come up with the following design.

1) Export 1 block device from each SAN to its mail server i.e. SAN1
exports to Mail01
2) Use DRBD to configure a block device comprising of the 2 SAN
volumes and use it as a physical volume in clvm.
3) Create a GFS logical volume from this PV that can be used by both servers.

I am wondering if this is a correct design as theoretically it looks
to address both node and SAN failure or connectivity loss.



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