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Re: [Linux-cluster] heartbeat

Fagnon Raymond schrieb:

I have a two node cluster and I want to setup the heartbeat monitor over the network. Does anyone have an example of what I need to add to the cluster.conf file to make this happen?

I don’t have any nics that I can dedicate for a cross over cable for heartbeat so I was thinking I could use the serial or the network itself. Is it possible to just use the primary interface for heartbeat since it is my understanding it is nothing more than a ping.

Excuse me, are you talking of the old Linux-HA which is often referenced as "Heartbeat"?

And what kind of two node cluster do you have? What software packages have you set up already?

This is RedHat cluster suite, and it uses a fairly complex cluster communication. If your cluster communication and all other communication use the same network/nics, you might run into trouble if "other communication" uses up your network bandwidth.


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