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Re: [Linux-cluster] RedHat RHEL 5U4 NFS Cluster nodes randomly reboot

Sorry, I am using ext3 file systems.

Randy Zagar wrote:
Yes. My experience is that you can't currently nfs-export *any* GFS or GFS2 filesystems.

Exporting EXT3/EXT4 filesystems, however, doesn't appear to be a problem.

-Randy Zagar <zagar arlut utexas edu>

On 06/28/2010 05:22 PM, linux-cluster-request redhat com wrote:
From: Bennie Thomas<Bennie_R_Thomas raytheon com>
Subject: [Linux-cluster] RedHat RHEL 5U4 NFS Cluster nodes randomly
Message-ID:<4C290BE0 3090707 raytheon com>
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I currently have 2 DL380 G6 with and HP MSA2312 disk array. Running
Redhat 5u4 64bit.  I have a quorum disk.  I use the Cluster as an
Active/passive NFS Cluster
The problem I am having is one or both of the nodes will randomly
reboot. Has anyone experienced this problem


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