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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fedora 13 Clustering

Hi John..

Normally I do not agree with replying to posts without anything
constructive to say but I thought that I should in this case.

I have to admit that I ran into the same issues as you, I built a RHEL
5.5 cluster and decided to give the FC13 path a try, Tried to use Luci
/ Ricci to configure the nodes and had no luck even managing to log
into Luci, no documents / man pages included with the packages and the
readme file that was included was the same one that was included with
the old source files, and had not been updated since.

In the end I gave up and went back to RHEL.

(that said you can go the heartbeat route, this I got to work when
using oracles ocfs as a shared data store on drbd)


On 9 July 2010 21:43, Virginian <virginian blueyonder co uk> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've played around with Red Hat Cluster Suite on Centos 5 and found plenty
> of information on how to install and configure the cluster and nodes. I have
> been trawling Google and other search engines trying to find accurate
> instructions for running Cluster Suite on Fedora 13. So far I have pretty
> much drawn a blank. What I am looking for is instructions on how to
> configure a 2 node cluster with iSCSI shared storage for GFS2, the aim being
> to run virtualised Linux guests under KVM and have the ability to migrate
> the guests from one node to the other in the event of a node failure. From
> what I have read, what I understood to be RHCS in RHEL 5 / Centos 5 has
> changed quite significantly. It looks like openais / corosync are new
> components and ccs has largely disappeared. If I could find some information
> on how to configure corosync, openais, amf etc. to achieve a fairly simple 2
> node cluster as described I think I would be ok. I've tried googling for
> this under Fedora 13 but so far drawn a blank. Has anybody else set up a
> cluster similar to the above under Fedora 13?
> Regards
> John
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