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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fedora 13 Clustering

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 03:25:11PM +0100, Gordan Bobic wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 15:06 +0100, Virginian wrote:
> > Hi Gordon,
> > 
> > It looks to me like things have changed quite a bit in F13 compared to RHEL 
> > / Centos 5. I agree, cluster.conf  looks the same but there is a new 
> > component called Corosync and ccs seems to have gone.
> According to this, ccs_tool & co. are still in the F13 cman package:
> http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/4/idpl/14125020/dir/fedora_13/com/cman-3.0.12-2.fc13.x86_64.rpm.html
> > Traditionally I have used Conga to configure the Cluster (although not 
> > without problems at times it has to be said). However, in F13 there is no 
> > "luci_admin" utility to set the password and Luci isn't accessible from a 
> > web browser. I don't mind configuring things by hand if that's the only way 
> > to do it, I was just looking to be pointed in the right direction really.
> I can't say I've ever used the GUIs to configure things - I've always
> found they are at best buggy, and more often than not just get in the
> way. I for one am glad to see the back of the all system-config
> packages.
> > The old docs specified which ports / protocols needed to be opened up in 
> > iptables but as I haven't sussed out what's needed under F13 I am running 
> > with iptables stopped for now. If anybody has this information I would be 
> > very grateful to receive it.
> I haven't looked, but a few minutes with tcpdump or iptables -j LOG on a
> quiet network should yield the information you seek.
> Gordan
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Hi guys,

most of things of cluster in Fedora has been changed, comparing with RHEL5.

We are using corosync for membership now, and (IIRC) openais is must to maintain some compatibility with APIs. CMAN still controls the quorum system, and cluster.conf continues to be the configuration file.

If you want to learn more about how to create a cluster using Fedora 13, I believe a good idea is to learn about corosync at http://www.corosync.org, and cman at http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/wiki/


Best Regards

Carlos Eduardo Maiolino
Software Maintenance Engineer
Red Hat - Global Support Services

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