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Re: [Linux-cluster] corosync issue with two interface directives

On 07/12/2010 07:45 PM, Digimer wrote:
On 10-07-12 03:38 PM, Dan Frincu wrote:
Just a wild stab in the dark, but both your multicast groups result in
the same MAC address 01:00:5e:5e:01:01. Now these are supposed to be
redundant connections, which means different IP/port/MAC's, different
routes, in case one fails the other one takes over. Try changing the
multicast groups so that the they differ at the end of the address,
rather than at the beginning.

You could use for ring 0 and for ring 1. The key
thing to remember here is that when building a multicast MAC address,
you only use the low order 23 bits of the multicast IP address, thus
allowing for overlapping of close high order bits in the multicast IP


Hi Dan,

I tried changing my config file as per your recommendation, but it
didn't seem to sort out the problem. The 'corosync-objctl' output only
shows one ring. Oddly though, when I don't start corosync via cman, and
instead start corosync by itself, both rings are in fact shown...

Also, I must claim ignorance - I am not familiar with how multicast
addresses map to MAC addresses. Perhaps I am missing something
fundamental here? I originally extrapolated the second ring's config by
adapting the first ring which, itself, was adapted from example configs
available in the docs.

Corosync doesn't use /etc/corosync/corosync.conf when started from cman. It uses /etc/cluster/cluster.conf.


Here is my current corosync.conf file:

# This is a skeleton example configuration file.
compatibility: whitetank

# Totem Protocol options.
totem {
version: 2
secauth: off
threads: 0
rrp_mode: passive
interface {
# This is the back-channel subnet, which is the primary network
# for the totem protocol.
ringnumber: 0
mcastport: 5405
interface {
# This is the storage network, which acts as a secondary, backup
# network for the totem protocol.
ringnumber: 1
mcastport: 5405

logging {
to_syslog: yes
fileline: off
to_stderr: yes
to_logfile: off
to_syslog: yes
#logfile: /var/log/corosync.log
debug: on
timestamp: on

amf {
mode: disabled

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