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Re: [Linux-cluster] system-config-cluster to conga


1. yes you can move from system-config-cluster to conga , after conga is up from conga Web GUI you can discover already installed clusters and import configuration
2. yes off course , everything relating to cluster configuration is the same , the only thing that differs is that you are managing the cluster from conga , you are not altering with the cluster config itself
3. off course cman have to be running all the time in order for ur cluster to be up
4. conga configuration is straight forward and you can find it cluster admin guides
5. never stop cman you cluster will crash

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 7:22 AM, Mahantesh Chiniwar <mchiniwar gmail com> wrote:
I have configured cluster using system-config-cluster on RHEL-5.4.
Could you let me know if i can do the following
1. Can I move from system-config-cluster to conga?
2. Can I use the same cluster.conf in conga?
3. Can both cman and conga run together?
4. Currently in my setup cman service is running and I have started ricci service and have initilized the luci server on one of the cluster nodes but when i tried to start the luci service it fails. var/log/messages show just shows   "luci: Luci startup failed An error occurred while starting luci" I dont have any other information that this. What might be the reason?
5. I tried stopping cman service even this did not help.
This information will help me.


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