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[Linux-cluster] Stateful Samba\CTDB Failover

I have read this on the mailing list.. http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-cluster redhat com/msg08757.html


Basically I want a program called Dentrix which only does SMB1 before migrating to SQL, I want it to have a stateful failover which right now doesn’t seem possible with Samba. I read in that archive, that you guys are waiting for SMB2 and Durable File Handles for stateful failover.


Just one question. Microsoft can do this perfectly with failover server 2008, steel-eye, and xp as a client, and Dentrix doesn’t make durable file requests.. But somehow the failover is perfect with Microsoft.


With Samba, my mapped drive is always there during failover, no data loss, etc. But Dentrix will gripe and say “another file is open at a workstation” and I have to close and open the program. If Microsoft can do failover with Dentrix, Samba should be able to.. But of course saying it is easier then doing it, Im sure. It costs a lot to do it with MS.


-Justin Shafer


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