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Re: [Linux-cluster] Postgres-cluster with shared storage.

I suspect you'll find this is due to postgresql taking a long time to stop. Nothing to do with RHCS as such.

If you issue "/etc/init.d/postgresql stop" does that take a long time to return? If you forcefully power off the node, does the fail-over happen without delay? If so, try asking on the postgresql mailing list how to make it shut down quickly.


Arun Kp wrote:
Dear ALL,
We have tried postgresql High availability cluster using Redhat Cluster Suit and successfully completed.But we are facing small issue that is,

When the cluster try to relocate (Stopping in the Active node and starting in the Passive node) the Postgresql service works fine if there is no client connection .But when one client is connected it will take 5 minutes for relocating.Here we have given 5 minutes as shutdown wait time in cluster.Some times relocating getting failed due to stopping of postgresql server taking too much time We have given the following options for postgresql in the cluster

Name :DB-igvtdc
Configdir:/Storage   where our data directory resides(In SAN).
Postmaster options : -p 5433 -h -m
shutdown wait time :300 s

So kindly help me to resolve this problem.
Thank you
Arun K P
HCL Infosystems Ltd
Kolkata 26


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