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[Linux-cluster] GFS2 lockf(): Function not implemented


I'm trying to get a pacemaker/gfs2 setup working. Everything works good so 
far, but when applications try to do locks on the shared gfs2 volumes I get 
"function not implemented".

For testing purposes I used the locktest script here: 

root server-c:~# mount 
/dev/dm-12 on /srv/data/shared type gfs2 (rw,relatime,hostdata=jid=1)

root server-c:~# gfs_control -n ls
gfs mountgroups
name          pcmk
id            0xecab71b1
flags         0x00000008 mounted
change        member 2 joined 1 remove 0 failed 0 seq 1,1
members       50331658 67108874 
all nodes
nodeid 50331658 jid 1 member 1 failed 0 start 1 seq_add 1 seq_rem 0 mount done
nodeid 67108874 jid 0 member 1 failed 0 start 1 seq_add 1 seq_rem 0 mount done

root server-c:~# gfs2_tool sb /dev/mapper/data-shared all
  mh_magic = 0x01161970
  mh_type = 1
  mh_format = 100
  sb_fs_format = 1801
  sb_multihost_format = 1900
  sb_bsize = 4096
  sb_bsize_shift = 12
  no_formal_ino = 2
  no_addr = 23
  no_formal_ino = 1
  no_addr = 22
  sb_lockproto = lock_dlm
  sb_locktable = pcmk:pcmk
  uuid = 0E4C5945-EDAB-761C-4259-D0AA2C011189

[74368.912580] GFS2: fsid=: Trying to join cluster "lock_dlm", "pcmk:pcmk"
[74368.989608] GFS2: fsid=pcmk:pcmk.1: Joined cluster. Now mounting FS...
[74369.293334] GFS2: fsid=pcmk:pcmk.1: jid=1, already locked for use
[74369.361891] GFS2: fsid=pcmk:pcmk.1: jid=1: Looking at journal...
[74369.434188] GFS2: fsid=pcmk:pcmk.1: jid=1: Done

So everything seems to be fine, but locking files fith lockf/fcntl seems to fail. 
as far as I understand whether distributed locking or lokal locking is used 
should be unnoticed by the application, right?

Kernel is right now a vserver and gresecurity patched
vs2. but the problems occur with with the current Debian 
squeeze/sid Kernels.
redhat-cluster/gfs2 version is 3.0.12.
communication stack is corosync 1.2.7 and the device is a LVs

Any ideas what I did wrong?


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