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Re: [Linux-cluster] Higher Grained Definition of IP Address Assignments?

What you want sounds more like Load Balancing than HA Clustering.
I would suggest building a lvs load balancing cluster with 10.1.1.x as front-end IP and 10.1.2 as backend IP.
Make the LVS the default gateway for your 'cluster servers' (realservers), then configure 1-.1.1.50 on your LVS cluster as Virtual IP with the 10.1.2.x realservers as backend using NAT routing.
Documentation isa vailable at:
or, more specifically:
LVS should be included in Red Hat Advanced Platform.
Yes, running a LoadBalancing cluster means 2 more servers and 2 more subscriptions, but it will allow for highly-available Load Balancing.
(implicitly allowing you to take realservers offline for maintenance)
Kit Gerrits

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We have a scenario where a server would have one NIC on a 10.1.1.x network and multiple NICs on a 10.1.2.x network. The server requires the NICs on the 10.1.2 network each have an independent 10.1.2 network address assigned.

In converting this into an HA solution, we're reaching some difficulty in that if the Cluster Service is using a Cluster Resourced IP of, it gets assigned to the appropriate NIC on the cluster node.

However, the multple IP resources on the 10.1.2.x network are all getting assigned to a single NIC on the physical cluster node instead of spreading out across those 10.1.2.x NICs.

This particular cluster is Cluster Suite as released with RHEL5.5.

An example cluster.conf snippet regarding IP address resource:

<ip address= monitor_link="1">
<ip address= monitor_link="1">
<ip address= monitor_link="1">
<ip address= monitor_link="1">

Please imagine that these four IP resource addresses have been assigned to one cluster service.

Are there any more configurable parameters that can go in there? I would like to be able to assign these four address to four separate NICs on the cluster node.

Right now what happens is the first IP goes correctly to the cluster node's NIC that is assigned a 10.1.1 address, and though the cluster node's three other NICs are assigned 10.1.2 addresses, the three remaining IPs get bunched up one a single 10.1.2 NIC.

Bonding/aggregating isn't an option unfortunately.

Hope this makes sense...

Thank you,

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