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[Linux-cluster] qdisk WITHOUT fencing

Dear distinguished linux-cluster members!

I have two data centers linked by physical fibre. Everything goes over
this physical route: everything.

I would like to setup a high availability nfs server with drbd:
* drbd to replicate storage
* nfsd running
* floating ip

If the physical link between the two data centers is lost, I would
like the primary data center to win.

I've setup a qdisk, and this works well: the node which can access the
qdisk wins. i.e. the primary datacenter, which is the data center
where the san holding the qdisk also lives, wins.

Unfortunately for me, I get pages and pages of errors about being
unable to fence the secondary node.

The docs tell me that I absolutely must use power fencing, but in this
case fencing makes no sense: it won't work when the link between the
data centers is severed. The network, and the qdisk is the decider for
who "wins".

So what should I do?

Many thanks in advance.

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