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Re: [Linux-cluster] Samba Statefull Failover

----- "Jason Fitzpatrick" <jayfitzpatrick gmail com> wrote:

> From: "Jason Fitzpatrick" <jayfitzpatrick gmail com>
> To: linux-cluster redhat com
> Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 6:43:36 AM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
> Subject: [Linux-cluster] Samba Statefull Failover
> Hi all
> Just wondering if it is possible to statefully migrate smb
> connections
> between cluster nodes, I am running ctdb (Samba's Cluster software)
> but all connections are dropped when the service is failed between
> nodes
> Setup is as follows
> 2 node cluster
> DRBD backend shared storage in Master Master configuration
> cman presenting GFS2 /Storage folder
> Samba + Winbind + CTDB used to present /Storage/Test_Share via
> \\clustername\test_share (both nodes are AD integrated)
> Connections to replicated storage are working fine, AD accounts are
> authenticated correcly and smbstatus shows that CTDB is load
> ballancing the cluster address between nodes correctly,
> When I run ctdb shutdown I expect existing connections to be migrated
> to the other active node, but instead all connections are dropped (to
> both nodes) and all active file transfers / locks being lost. I
> assume
> that I need to have the lockdb on the shared storage but I do not
> have
> a monkeys on how to do it,
> logs / configs available on request
> Thanks a mill
> Jay
> PS free beer for anyone who can sort this for me, I am at this 2
> weeks
> with heartbeat clusters and got nowhere!

Hi Jason,

Even with CTDB, migration of active connections/locks is not possible and in fact,
from what I understand, is not required.
Windows clients reconnect and reacquire locks. As far as file transfers go, it 
really depends on what the application is doing with the kind of operations it
does, etc. Most apps shouldn't notice anything, just slow down for a second or so.


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