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Re: [Linux-cluster] running clurgmgr directly causes clustat malfunction

On 23/06/2010, at 1:48 AM, Martin Waite wrote:

> Hi,
> RHEL 5.4: cluster2.
> Following Tom's advice from earlier today, in order to work around a problem with starting rgmanager causing frozen services to stop, I started /usr/sbin/clurgmgrd directly rather than through an init.d script.   This enables the "-N" flag to be passed in on the command line.
> However, starting rgmanager this way (with or without the -N flag) causes problems with local invocations of clustat - ie. rgmanager cannot be seen in its output.  (clustat run on other cluster nodes DO see rgmanager on this node however). 
> I have waited for minutes after invoking /usr/sbin/clurgmgrd for it to show up in clustat output, but with no joy.
> I have traced through the init.d script and cannot see that very much happens in there to affect how clurgmgrd is run.
> Any ideas anyone ?

When you run "clurgmgrd -N" manually, have you checked /var/log/messages to see whether it is indeed starting correctly?

You could also try running clurgmgrd with the -f and -d flags to run in the foreground and enable debugging, so you can see what's going on.

FYI it works for me on the following - perhaps you've just found a cman/rgmanager incompatibility?

> [martin cp1edidbm001 ~]$ sudo /sbin/service rgmanager stop
> [martin cp1edidbm001 ~]$ sudo /usr/sbin/clurgmgrd start

Are you actually running this verbatim? If so, you have the wrong command :) - it should be:
	$ sudo /usr/sbin/clurgmgrd -N

>  [martin cp1edidbm001 ~]$ sudo /usr/sbin/clustat


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