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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster.conf arguments sent to fence agents

On 10-03-01 11:40 PM, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
   I've built a new fence device and am now trying to sort out how and
what arguments CMAN (?) sends to the fence agent. Is there a document
explaining this interaction?

   From looking at other fence agents, it seems like CMAN sends either a
series of single-dashed arguments followed by their values or a list of
arguments, one argument per new line. What I don't know is how CMAN
interprets the arguments in the<fence>...</fence>  statement to
arguments sent to the actual fence agent.

Thanks for any help!

Funny, I am hammering away on this now trying to write a Perl fence_ifmib


I also made a fencing agent that simply takes stdin and write it to a file
to make sure I know what's being passed.

It will push through whatever you put in there!


Awesome, thanks!

Queued that up for light reading in the morning. :)


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