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Re: [Linux-cluster] Strange error returned by openais

> Hi all,
>   I am trying to setup a rh5.4 cluster with only two nodes, but I can't.
> Under
> /var/log/messages I can see a lot of errors like these:
>   These nodes have two network interfaces, one on the same network for
> cluster
> operation and another on different subnet. Like this:
>   Node01: (eth0) and (eth1)
>   Node02: (eth0) and (eth1)
>   Default gateways point to in node01 and on node02 to
> ... maybe this is the problem??
>   I have put ip routing rules on both nodes but problem continues ... How
> can I fix
> this??

I've had exactly the same errors, and eventually found what was wrong.
The problem seems to be the vlans, switches which block the multicast
traffic. For now I'm using a crosscable.

So, check with the network engineers, they should be able to assist you,
but you can convince them they're blocking you using the crosscable.


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