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Re: [Linux-cluster] Strange error returned by openais

martijn tenheuvel net wrote:
Hi all,

  I am trying to setup a rh5.4 cluster with only two nodes, but I can't.
/var/log/messages I can see a lot of errors like these:

  These nodes have two network interfaces, one on the same network for
operation and another on different subnet. Like this:

  Node01: (eth0) and (eth1)
  Node02: (eth0) and (eth1)

  Default gateways point to in node01 and on node02 to
... maybe this is the problem??

  I have put ip routing rules on both nodes but problem continues ... How
can I fix

I've had exactly the same errors, and eventually found what was wrong.
The problem seems to be the vlans, switches which block the multicast
traffic. For now I'm using a crosscable.

So, check with the network engineers, they should be able to assist you,
but you can convince them they're blocking you using the crosscable.


Maybe you are right Martijn. I have copied manually cluster.conf from node02 to node01 and all works ok (node01 joins to cluster). But If mutlicast is the problem, why node01 joins to cluster if cluster.conf it is at same version than on node02??

My problem only occurs when cluster.conf version is different between nodes ...

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