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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS Tuning - it's just slow, to slow for production


We discovered the same issue the day we went into production with ours.
The tuning paramater that made it production ready for us was:

/sbin/gfs_tool settune /mnt/users statfs_fast 1

Why statfs_fast is not set to on by default is beyond my comprehension,
I don't think anyone could run production without it on.  Anyway, you
have to set that for every mount point on the cluster, and it has to be
set on all nodes.  We just created an init script that runs on startup
after all the cluster services are started.

On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 08:53 -0600, Steven Whitehouse wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 08:33 -0600, Alan A wrote:
> > We are trying to deploy GFS in production, and are experiencing major
> > performance issues. What parameters in GFS settune can be changed to
> > increase I/O, to better tune performance? Application we run utilizes
> > a lot of I/O, please advise.
> > 
> > We experience OK performance when starting, but as things ramp up and
> > we get few processes going GFS slows dramatically.
> > 
> What workload are you tuning for? The chances are that you'll do a lot
> better by adjusting the way in which the application(s) use the
> filesystem rather than tweeking any specific tuning parameters. What
> mount parameters are you using?
> Steve.
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