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[Linux-cluster] Quorum

Hi all

Today, my cluster crashed, then I have several questions to ask .

- First of all, is there a kind of "heartbeat" on a quorum disk ? If
yes, it means, I have two heartbeat on my cluster, one by the quorum,
second one by a network link. Is it right ?

- How to set the heartbeat link in my cluster conf ? Is the "monitor
link" is a heartbeat when I set an IP adress to my service ? I have 2
cards just for the heartbeat network and I have two others cards for
another vlans.

- I use mkqdisk to configure my quorum disk. My two nodes were able to
see it (I used mkqdisk -L on each node). My cluster was quorate. But
when I killed my first node, the second one didn't take the service and
the cluster told me it was inquorate ( Cluster is not quorate. Refusing
connection. Error while processing connect: Connection refused). 

Then service was down and cluster was strange. ccsd and qdiskd were
still running.

I relocated service manually and everything was right. Service moved to
a node to another one without any problem.

Well .. thanks for your help.


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