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[Linux-cluster] pvmove with clustered VG

Does anyone know what the current status of pvmove is regarding its use on clustered volume groups in RHEL 5.4? The official RH documentation for CLVM states the following:


“Because the pvmove command uses mirroring, it is not cluster-aware and needs exclusive access

to a volume. For information on activating logical volumes on individual nodes in a cluster, see

Section 4.8, “Activating Logical Volumes on Individual Nodes in a Cluster”.”


But there are also steps on enabling the cmirror kernel module, which implies you can use mirroring on a CLVM setup.

Does anyone know if you can do a pvmove on PVs that belong to a clustered VG? I have 2 RHEL 5.4 clusters (one 64-bit the other 32-bit) and we need to migrate the data to a new SAN. I’d love to be able to do this without taking anything offline.




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