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Re: [Linux-cluster] qdiskd questions

Matt Dainty wrote:

It's been up and running for ages with no trouble, but recently I
had a problem where the default gateway, despite being an active/passive
pair of Cisco ASA firewalls configured for failover, took at least 30
seconds to fail over when the primary device developed a problem.

we used to have cisco pix firewalls config'ed for failover using the cisco failover cable. it was my understanding that using the failover cable usually took about 30 sec. for the failover to happen.

we added ports to the firewalls and reconfig'ed the failover to use standard gigE ports instead of the failover cable, and the failover then took just a second or two to happen.

i do not know if this is applicable to the asa's, but it certainly made quite a difference for the pix's.

yvette hirth

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