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Re: [Linux-cluster] Is Global FS the way to go?

Hi Michael,

El mar, 02-03-2010 a las 19:02 -0700, Michael McGlothlin escribió:
> I'm setting up two servers to share the load of running several
> virtual machines (currently running ESXi) that are currently running
> on just one server (which will later be upgraded and added back to the
> cluster). I am trying to decide what is an affordable way to provide a
> shared file system so that in case of a server going down another can
> pick up where it left off. I want data to be mirrored live if possible
> and for data access to be fast and reliable. Is Global FS a good fit
> for this use? From looking at the docs it appears I could set up a
> local virtual sever on each machine and have it keep a local copy that
> keeps itself in sync with the other servers using the filesystem. Then
> all other VMs could access their local server via iSCSI or NFS.
> Or is this all completely the wrong way to go and there is a better
> way to meet my goals? My budget is really tight so I can't spend tens
> of thousands of dollars on equipment or software.
> Thanks,
> Michael McGlothlin
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Sorry I cant fully understand your question. I'm interested in your
idea, could you give a more detailed explanation of your current
situation and the desired situation? Could you explain which is your
current equipment architecture (where do you run the ESXi and where are
the Virtual Machines storaged)?



Rafael Micó Miranda

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