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[Linux-cluster] getting started with GFS


i am new to clustering, and am just getting my feet wet.  i have a couple of scnerios i am chasing down, so im hoping some replied i might get here will give me some insights.

the bulk of my clustering needs are simply just shared SAN storage.  i have several that are running ocfs2 with a shared LUN.  we finally promoted one of these to production, and the production load over ran the read/write limit of the RAID5 pretty quickly.  prod-support team is crying foul from the ocfs2, but me personally i think its the RAID5 LUN that was chosen, that perhaps it should have been RAID10.  but ocfs2 is neither here nor there for this post.

what i would like to know about, is GFS.  i set one up as just a shared storage between 2 hosts.  i didnt have to do anything special (no .conf files) which just feels wrong.  but they can see and read/write from the same storage, and they seem to be working.  if i want *just* shared storage (no other clustering features that i would use luci to provide), what other considerations do i need to be aware of?  i want to explore GFS as an alternate to ocfs2 just to make sure im properly covering all the best available options.


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