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Re: [Linux-cluster] errors with GFS2 and DRBD. Please help..

----- "Koustubha Kale" <koustubha_kale yahoo com> wrote:
| Hi all,
| We have a three node GFS2 cluster on a CentOS 5.4 output of uname -a

| GFS2 errors and file system withdrawls, nodes restarting. The error in
| log is as shown below..

>What version of fsck.gfs2 did you use to fix these errors?
>Not that long ago, I discovered that fsck.gfs2 is not always
>cleaning everything up that it should on the first pass.
>Sometimes it finds and fixes more inconsistencies on the second
>run.  The issue will be much better when the 5.5 release is out.
>But I've found some serious problems even in the 5.5 version.
>For example, when orphaned dinodes are tossed into lost+found,
>it can sometimes get the block accounting wrong.
>I've got a better, faster fsck.gfs2 on my people page for
>people to try.  This one is more thorough, better block accounting
>and has added error checking, so it should do a much better job
>of cleaning things up.  It's had a lot of testing and has gotten
>a lot of positive feedback from other people too:
>This is an x86_64 version.  I recommend these steps:
>1. Download this experimental fsck.gfs2 to some directory
>2. Unmount the file system from all nodes
>3. Save off a copy of the file system metadata:
>   gfs2_edit savemeta /dev/device /some/file.meta
>   This saved copy means you can always go back if fsck.gfs2
>   makes some kind of mistake
>4. run the new fsck.gfs2 on the file system
>See if that helps the situation.

Hi Thanks,
I will try this and report back.

With warm regards
Koustubha Kale

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