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Re: [Linux-cluster] failing to grasp

I'm sure others can provide a much more in depth answer but in short... Not all "file systems" are cluster aware.

Something like GFS can be active on all nodes at the same time; because it uses a lock manager that makes every node in your cluster "chat" with each other to determine who is writing to the filesystem to keep it from corrupting itself.

In my case, I need xfs (or maybe ext3) for a few reasons; hence I'll be doing "active - passive" on a 2 node cluster - and therefore passing the filesystem and luns back and forth - between "primary vs. standby".


Jonathan Horne wrote, On 3/15/2010 9:04 PM:
ok, i can understand the usefulness of luci for creating clustered services.  yes, create the IP, add the init script of the daemon you want to pass back and forth.  i can build all that and it works fine.

what im not understanding is, whats the point of creating the file system as a service? what, is this also going to be passed back and forth between hosts?  i would think the file system should be available 100% of the time to both hosts.

perhaps someone can recommend me a good article that will help me setup *AND* comprehend the "whys" of why this is necessary to be setup in luci?  and i would also recommend any dissertation from anyone else as well, to help me understand this better.


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