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Re: [Linux-cluster] errors with GFS2 and DRBD. Please help..

---- "Bob Peterson" <rpeterso redhat com> wrote:
| | Koustubha Kale
| Hi,
| Is that 846Mb compressed or uncompressed?  Perhaps you can bzip2 it
| and then put it on a ftp or http server where I can download it?
| Regards,
| Bob Peterson
| Red Hat File Systems
>Just a followup: Koustubha sent me his gfs2 file system and I used it
>to find and fix a new bug in the STABLE3 fsck.gfs2.  I have opened a
>new bugzilla record: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=574215
>to track the problem.  I posted a patch there and will be pushing
>it to the STABLE3 branch shortly.  In the meantime, I have
>updated the fsck.gfs2 on my people page to include this fix.

Thanks Bob,
I get a " You are not authorized to access bug #574215 " when I try to see it with my bugzilla account..

 With warm regards
Koustubha Kale

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