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Re: [Linux-cluster] Info about fence_virsh

>From the 5.4 realease notes:

The fence_virsh fence agent is provided in this release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a Technology Preview. fence_virsh provides the ability for one guest (running as a domU) to fence another using the libvirt protocol. However, as fence_virsh is not integrated with cluster-suite it is not supported as a fence agent in that environment. 

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] Info about fence_virsh

Hi all,

  I have installed two rhel5.4 kvm guests with rhcs under a rhel5.4 kvm host. At 
this moment I am using fence_manual as a fence device, but I will like to use 
fence_virsh, but I don't find any doc about how to configure under cluster.conf 
file. Any hints??

CL Martinez
carlopmart {at} gmail {d0t} com

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